Back to Mac Basics (plus)

 A few essential Mac facts, concepts, and skills 

 April 21st, 2018

Special Location this month: 

Turner Senior Resource Center

2401 Plymouth Road, Ann Arbor

  Doors open at 8:30 am

Sessions start at 9:00am and 11:00am

Meeting concludes at 1:00 pm

Some Mac features have been around for decades.
And there are many innovations, too.  
Whether you are truly new to the Mac,
wish you felt more comfortable with the Mac,
or want to brush up on a few skills,
this session is for you.
Bring in your questions – How did you do that?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

8:30 AM - Set up Tables, Chairs, Hospitality Items 

9:00 AM - MacBasics Plus S.I.G. (Special Interest Group)
Fred Seitz, Vice President of Education, will facilitate a session during
   which he presents overviews of several topics - websites of interest,

   hardware, software, security, maintenance, demos of how to do
   something. This is a very interactive session with lots of
   participation, sharing of knowledge and ideas between attendees.
   All questions are welcome.

10:45 AM or so - Break
   This is a time to socialize, network, share ideas. 

   Refreshments will be available.

11:00 AM - Mac Basics
   Two or three iMac computers will be on-site.

   Feel free to bring your own laptops, iPhone or iPad.
Orientation to Mac   
   What’s on the Screen?
   What’s on the Menu Bar?
   Where’s the Finder?
   What’s Your Version of macOS?  or iOS?
   Home Folder

   Finding Files
   System Preferences
   Using Apps
Leveling Up

   Questions & Answers
   Hands-On walkthroughs

1:00 PM or so - Finish Up
   More socializing, networking, sharing, (laughing).
   Clean up, Pack up, Load up Equipment​.
   Lock up building.


Meeting Dates for 2018
What we've done and what's coming up.
We'd love to see you at a meeting!

Jan 20               Apple Showcase - AADL Westgate
Feb 17               Demo Fair - NEW Center
Mar 17               Live Code application - NEW Center
April 20              Orientation to Mac - Turner Senior Center
May 19               Creating a Slideshow using iMovie 

Jun 20                TBD
July 21               TBD
Aug 18               TBD
Sep 15               TBD
Oct 20                TBD
Nov 17                TBD
Dec 8 or 15         Holiday Party


 Our Vendors and Supporters
are extremely generous !
Support them throughout the year
Synium Software
Bare Bones Software
Tunabelly Software
Skylum Software
Macphun Software
Thorsten Lemke
Delicious Monster
Pilot Moon Software
MacPlus Software
   and generous Donors - Kathy G., Joyce R., Fred S., Steve J., Cassie S., Gerry F., Dave S.
...and more  WOW !


Another useful tip from our MacCoach...

Regain access to those ClarisWorks or AppleWorks 
files for $20!
... Nicholas

The MacTechnics Story

MacTechnics, the Ann Arbor Computer Users Group, is one of the largest Apple User Groups in Michigan and is comprised of all types of Apple users from novice to professional. Formed in the Fall of 1984, MacTechnics' goal is to expand computer literacy in an interesting and entertaining way.

MacTechnics normally meets the 3rd Saturday of each month at the NEW Center Building, 1100 North Main Street, Ann Arbor. There is ample parking just outside the building.

Directions to our meeting locations can be found by using the Google map provided on the MacTechnics Home page.

Registration begins at about 9:00 AM
; Special Interest Groups (SIGs) begin shortly thereafter, running through 10:30 AM. The Main Meeting presentation normally begins at about 11:00 AM,
 and may run through 1:00 PM.

It is advisable to check the website each month, prior to the meeting, as there are occasional changes to the meeting time or place.

Attendance is flexible and attendees are welcome to attend all or any part of the meeting.

All meetings are open to the public and anyone may attend meetings without joining, but benefits listed below are available to members only.

Membership Benefits

  • Our website,, with news, events and conferences of interest to members of the Apple community. (Our website is in the process of being redesigned – watch for exciting design changes and even more interesting information to become available in the future.)
  • Special Interest Groups, available to all members, meet from 9:30 - 11:00 AM the day of the main meeting.

  • Retail books offered at discounts due to user group purchasing.

  • User Group discounts on Software and Hardware.
  • Participation in raffles, sharing information, knowledge and experiences with other MacTechnics Members.

Membership Type

  • New & Renewal Membership (1 year - $50)

  • Student Membership (1 year - $25 with copy of current student ID card)
  • Family Membership UPGRADE (1 year - $15.00 extra card with Regular or Student Membership)



If you're a MacTechnics member, and haven't registered for the Members Only area yet, click here and register. Your registration will be approved within 24 hours.  :-)


Our new Members Only web page is now LIVE. If you're a member and have not registered please do so soon. If you have questions on how to do it, ask us at the next meeting. We hope you enjoy it and look forward to your feedback. 



April 21st, 2018
9:00am to 1:30pm


Turner Senior
Resource Center

2401 Plymouth Rd.
Ann Arbor


Turner Senior Resource Center


The May 19th meeting
of MacTechnics
will take place
at our usual location,
NEW Center,
1100 N. Main Street,
Ann Arbor

Turner Senior Resource Center

MacTechnics News
Our website is in the process
of being redesigned.
Watch for exciting design changes
and even more
interesting information
 in the near future.

Board of Directors
President - Gerry F.
President (May)-Gerry F.
President (June)-Keith M.
President (July)-Dave S.
President (August)-Cassie S.
President (September)-Fred S.
President (October)-Francis B.
President (December)-Kathy G.
VP Education - Fred S.
VP Communication - Janice A.
VP Volunteers - Cheryl H.
Recording Secretary - Keith M.
Treasurer - Francis B.
Membership Secretary - Steve J.
eNewsletter and Videographer - Linda B.
Webmaster - Cassie S.
Director-at-Large - Dave S.
Director-at-Large - Roger V.
Past President - Kathy G., Gerry F., JoAnn V.

What is iPhoneography?  The term comes from iPhone and Photography.  It came about as the cameras in mobile phones gained the ability to take better quality photos.
And as many people started using their mobile phones as their camera of choice.  Read more...

New Member Gallery

Check out our NEW Member Gallery page...

MacTechnics Holiday Party Potluck 2015

What's on the Buffet so far?

MacTechnics Christmas Holiday Party Potluck 2016

MacTechnics Christmas Holiday Party Potluck - Annual Meeting and Buffet and Fun.

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