Monthly Meeting

October 20th, 2018

At our usual location: 

New Center Building

1100 N. Main Street, Ann Arbor

This month's topic:
Privacy, Safe Surfing, 

Blocking Ads 

(topic subject to last minute changes)

"What  are the dangers of my personal information becoming public?"
"How can I keep personal information private and safe?" 
"How do I set up and maintain safety measures?" 
"How can I keep those 'pesky ads' from slowing me down and interfering with what I really want to do?" 

Bring your questions, your ideas, examples of your experiences.

Feel free to bring your own laptop, iPhone or iPad.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

8:30 AM - Set up Tables, Chairs, Hospitality Items 

9:00 AM - MacBasics Basics PLUS  
   Fred Seitz, MacTechnics VP of Education, will present his "findings of the month" and facilitate this interactive, informative and educational session. As usual, the discussion will evolve in part from questions and comments from the group - problems are often solved on the spot. Mac questions of all kinds are welcome. A link to an informative handout is provided at most sessions.

10:45 AM or so - Break
   This is a time to socialize, network, share ideas. 
   Refreshments will be available.

11:00 AM - Main Meeting: “Privacy, Safe Surfing, Blocking Ads”
   One (or more) of our well-informed members will provide information and useful resources about how to set up and maintain safety measures when using your Mac and/or iOS devices. Learn about potential dangers, how things have changed over time, and some of the newest developments. Learn about VPN - what it is, how and when to use it. Would you like to know how to browse more efficiently and keep those annoying pop-up ads at bay? Everyone is invited to share knowledge and ask questions. 
   Come to learn, to share and simply to enjoy the company of a group of people who share an interest in Macs.

1:00 PM or so - Finish Up
   More socializing, networking, sharing, (laughing).
   Clean up, Pack up, Load up Equipment​.
   Lock up building.


Meeting Dates for 2018
What we've done and what's coming up.
We'd love to see you at a meeting!

Jan 20              Apple Showcase - AADL Westgate
Feb 17              Demo Fair - NEW Center
Mar 17              Live Code application - NEW Center
April 21             Orientation to Mac - Turner Senior Center
May 19             Creating a Slideshow using iMovie 
- NEW Center
Jun 16              Remote Computer Control - NEW Center
July 21             Artistic Creations using your Mac - NEW Center
Aug 18             Wikipedia - NEW Center
Sep 15             Online Maps - NEW Center
Oct 20              Privacy, Safe Surfing, Blocking Ads - NEW Center
Nov 17             TBD - NEW Center
Dec 8 or 15       Holiday Party - NEW Center


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Another useful tip from our MacCoach...

Regain access to those ClarisWorks or AppleWorks 
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... Nicholas

The MacTechnics Story

MacTechnics, the Ann Arbor Computer Users Group, is one of the largest Apple User Groups in Michigan and is comprised of all types of Apple users from novice to professional. Formed in the Fall of 1984, MacTechnics' goal is to expand computer literacy in an interesting and entertaining way.

MacTechnics normally meets the 3rd Saturday of each month at the NEW Center Building, 1100 North Main Street, Ann Arbor. There is ample parking just outside the building.

Directions to our meeting locations can be found by using the Google map provided on the MacTechnics Home page.

Registration begins at about 9:00 AM
; Special Interest Groups (SIGs) begin shortly thereafter, running through 10:30 AM. The Main Meeting presentation normally begins at about 11:00 AM,
 and may run through 1:00 PM.

It is advisable to check the website each month, prior to the meeting, as there are occasional changes to the meeting time or place.

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October 20th, 2018
9:00am to 1:30pm

Our Usual Location

NEW Center

1100 N. Main Street
Ann Arbor

 NEW Center

NEW Center Bldg

MacTechnics News
Our website is in the process
of being redesigned.
Watch for exciting design changes
and even more
interesting information
 in the near future.

Security Updates  
Watch this space for information about cybersecurity and
how to keep your information safe. 
Thank you to Kathy Greiner for the following interesting information. 

1. “Avoiding Tech Support Scams” July 16, 2018
Here is the Federal Trade Commission's article on dealing with fraudulent tech repair scams. This may be of interest since a member brought this up at a recent meeting. Link to the article:
2. “Warn Your Friends Aboout Tech Support Scam:” July 27, 2918
Another nice, short article about dealing with tech support scams. 
Link to the article:
3. Try to Stop Scam Phone Calls 
At the July 21st meeting of MacTechnics, there was discussion about the frustration of trying to stop scam phone calls. It’s areal eye-opener about how the phone scam industry works! There are two free, fun podcasts about fighting back as a "victim" of a phone scammer - select both Episode #102 Long Distance Part I, and Episode #103 Long Distance Part II. 
How to Listen:
*Subscribe (it’s free!) in your favorite podcast app, (such as iTunes Podcasts)
*Or, go to the following website: 

What is iPhoneography? 
The term comes from iPhone and Photography.  It came about as the cameras in mobile phones gained the ability to take better quality photos.
And as many people started using their mobile phones as their camera of choice.  Read more...

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