Is your Mac infected with the Flashback malware?  Or not?

Let's run through these steps so you can find out.
1.   Click on the magnifying glass in the upper right corner of your screen
      While pressing the Command key, press the SpaceBar once,
               type TERM. Double-click on Terminal.

2.   In the Terminal window, press Return a few times...

3.   Type    ls /Users/Shared/.*.os
       that is -  lower case L lower case s, then space bar, 
            then the rest, then press Return

4.   If you are returned the sentence "no such file or directory" 
              then you're OK
      (your system does not have the malware).

1.   This brings up Spotlight, which is a quicker way of locating applications on your Mac.

2.   This Terminal window is the Command Line Interface for your Mac.  Yes, you can do this...just keep going   :-)

If your Mac has this malware, please click here and let us know about it.