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MacTechnics Christmas Holiday Party Potluck 2016

Posted by cstclair on December 8, 2016

MacTechnics Christmas Holiday Party Potluck
Saturday, December 10, 2016
A festive and fun MacTechnics tradition

Whats on the Buffet so far?

Janice A. - Cheese
Kathy G. - Set Up & Clean Up
David S. - Salad, Dressings & Add-Ons
Dean M. - Diet Soda Pop
Susan E. - Cranberry Bread
Prema L.S. - Turkey Bacon & Brussel Sprouts
Joyce R. - "meatless" Meatballs
Tissy A. - Rolls
Gerry F. - Noodles & Meat Dish
Roger & Phoebe V. - Baked Beans
Fred S., - Pancakes, Griddles
Keith M. - (something)
Ellie S. - Salad
MacTechnics - Eggs
MacTechnics - Bacon
Brian & Mary D. - Asian Salad
Cassie S. - Chili
Kathy G. - Cider
Denny M. - Nut Cake
André F. - Pineapple Juice
Byron A. - Crackers and Dip


Sign Up to Bring Something Here, THANKS :-)

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I will bring Crackers and Dip
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