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MacTechnics Holiday Party Potluck 2015

Posted by cstclair on December 7, 2015

MacTechnics Holiday Potluck
Saturday, December 10th, 2016
A festive MacTechnics tradition

What's on the Buffet so far? 

André F. - Dessert (Pie or Tart)
Janice A. - Cheese
Jim M. - Lettuce, Tomatoes (for sandwiches)
Cheryl H. - Egg Nog
Kathy G. - Set Up & Clean Up
David S. - Salad & Dressings
Dean M. - Diet Soda Pop
Susan E. - Cranberry Bread; cream cheese
Prema L.S. - Fruit Salad
Joyce R. - Casserole
Tissy A. - Bread
Bruce O. - Cheesy Potatoes
Gerry F. - Main Dish, maybe Pancit Noodle
Roger V. - Baked Bean Dish
Fred S. - Pancakes, Griddles
Dick S. - Egg Nog
Keith M. - Green Chili Egg Puff
Rod B. - Cider
Rich & Pat A. - Orange Juice
Beth F. - Home Made Cottage Cheese, Apple Sauce
Ellie S. - Green Salad
MacTechnics - Eggs
MacTechnics - Bacon
Denny M. - Home Made Christmas Cookies
Nicholas d. - Set Up & Clean Up
Cassie S. - Apples, Set Up & Clean Up
Abby D. - Bagels and Spreads
Byron A. - Brownies (with nuts)

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Posted by Abby D on
i will bring bagels and spreads...
Posted by Byron A. on
I will bring brownies (with nuts).
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