MacTechnics, The Ann Arbor Computer User Group
Board Meeting Minutes
February 2, 2013
Brighton District Library

In Attendance: Linda Braman, Francis Borzo, Fred Seitz, Gerry Felipe, Keith McConnelly, Dean Martelle, Cassie St. Clair
The group spent some time working with access to bod_mactechnics folder in Dropbox as officers arrived.
President: Gerry Felipe called the meeting to order at 2:48 p.m., and there was a quorum present.

The Board reviewed the brief description of Officer positions for upcoming elections. Meeting location will be the County LRC for January through June, and August through December (if we decide to have the Holiday party there).

VP of Communication:  February is Demo Fair (Dean will be out of town for the February meeting) Dean received Bob Tomsek phone number again and says he will contact him for a main meeting presentation on printers for the March meeting. Fred and Gerry will be the backup for March continuing the January Tips n’ Tricks topic. For April, Dean’s former comcast co-worker is Dean Esmay is an avid blogger, so Dean will contact him to see if he can present at the main meeting. For May, Dean will contact genius’s for i-Devices integration - “how to connect iOS devices with laptop and iPad”. June - iOS emergency uses, just in time for vacations. Dean is looking for speakers on photo editing and office (productivity) software. Keith offered to do a main meeting on photo editing.

VP of Education: January SIG went well. Fred says we got 1/2 way through the Tips n’ Tricks presentation from the main meeting, which is in Dropbox. Fred might continue it at March SIG.  Fred says there have not been a lot of deals the first month after the holidays. Fred worked on the schedule of raffle prizes for upcoming meetings. Fred’s electronic newsletters are always a tremendous treat!

VP of Volunteers: Linda says the best way to get people to help is to go to them one-on-one.

Recording Secretary: Keith made a motion, Dean and Linda seconded, that the January minutes emailed to the Board by acting secretary Kathy Greiner be accepted.  Motion carried.

Treasurer: Francis reported a January income of $57.50 which includes $22.50 in the 50/50 raffle. No expenses in January were reported. We have received about 50% of our projected income.  March is the largest # of expiration dates (larger than December). Make a general announcement about renewing membership at the February meeting.

Webmaster:  Two non-members requested access to Members Only Area this past month. When this happens, Cassie sends an email letting them know their request cannot be approved because they are not on the membership list, and inviting them to join, gives the next meeting details, website address and includes a direct link to pay membership online. Cassie distributed a list of special offers for members that are posted on the website for January-February. (3) No one has signed up with MacHighway through the referral link from our website. Cassie will look at putting a total dollar value figure of our members only offers from last year on the website (on the log-in page) and also include this information in the non-member emails. Cassie will release Room B for 2/16 as there will not be a SIG due to Demo Fair.

Membership Secretary:  Steve not present so no report.

Director at Large: Keith is looking into what faculty and/or student sponsorship is required to be a Washtenaw Community College club to get the use of WCC rooms at no cost. Keith posted 3 documents in the bod_mactechnics Dropbox in a folder named “WCC Student Club.” Keith offered to do a main meeting on photo editing.

Director at Large:  Kathy not present so no report.

Newsletter Editor:  JoAnn not present so no report.

VP of Marketing:   Linda is still working on the flyer with tear-offs. The Board discussed printing this flyer in color and every Board member will come up with 2 locations that they will personally post a new color flyer. Hope to have something for the Board to review at the next meeting.

Old Business: Fred, Steve and Cassie are working on a schedule of raffle prizes for upcoming meetings.

New Business:  none.
Gerry adjourned the meeting at 4:28pm. The next Board meeting will be held at 2:00pm on Saturday, March 2nd at the Brighton District Library.

The next main meeting will be held from 9:00am to 1:30pm on Saturday, February 16, 2013 in the County Learning Resource Center.

Respectfully submitted by acting secretary, Cassie St. Clair