Mac Basics SIG

The Mac Basics SIG, conducted by longtime MacTechnics member Fred Seitz, will take you beyond the basics and teach you about Mac techniques, tools applications and great deals on software, music, and great products to complement your Mac experience.

Fred also authors a regular Mac Basics newsletter that goes out to all MacTechnics members. The newsletter provides a wide variety of tips, tricks, special deals on software, hardware and plenty of resources to expand your Mac and IOS universe.

MacTechnics — MacBasics+ SIG for May 19th

Special Time – Special Agenda

Fred Seitz-Livonia- ≈15 years leading SIG;  elem. teacher in Dearborn Public Schools, 37.5 years

This month's meeting has a special time and special agenda due to other events on the WCC campus the morning of May 19th.  Fred will be the Main Meeting presenter starting at 10:30am in Room 140.

There will not be a MacBasics SIG for the month of May.

Please join MacTechnics and Fred Seitz for an informative and educational session on Mac Utilities....What Are They & Why Do I Care?