I AM DELIGHTED !  >squeak<

I’ve been working through Greg’s tutorial, then got stuck on Page 46.  So, I reached out to Greg and described what I see going on … or rather don’t see.  The selection that I need to check is greyed out.
This is about Layout Templates in LiveCode.  It’s like “themes” in WP or Divi.  When you make a new card, the layout is automatically there.
I can use them just as they are. Or I can Edit the Group and adjust each individual object as needed.  Then, click Edit the Group again which leaves the Group selected.  These changed would only affect this particular card.
Greg explained the behavior of LiveCode6 itself (behind the scenes-tiers, layers, stacks, hierarchy, happenings, etc-my words not his).
And I realized that I was doing what each exercise says LITERALLY, which is how I created my confusion and stuckness.
THE BOTTOM LINE:  I should translate the tutorial exercises as the following:

Choose Group Selected in the Object menu.

Make sure the Group is selected.
(only click on it if necessary.  If you get the greyed-out options, back out of ALL of it and start again at the beginning of making an original Group of the objects. laughing

“Edit Group” allows you to select individual objects within a group to make changes to them or move their location within the group. When you are done editing the group, just click “Edit group” again to exit the editing mode, so the the group as a whole is selected again.